DeFi Coin (DEFC): what quotation is coming?

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Decentralized finance is playing an increasingly important role in the cryptocurrency world. So it’s hardly surprising that DeFi projects are gaining in popularity. One such project is called the DeFi Coins protocol. Following the successful listing on the Pancakeswap exchange, another milestone for the native DeFi Coin token (DEFC) is now unfolding. Listing on the BitMart exchange will follow on July 18.

DeFi Coin (DEFC) – listed on BitMart from July 18
DeFi Coin (DEFC) has already reached an important milestone. Following listing on the and Pancakeswap exchanges, the next major milestone for the DeFi project is now taking place. From July 18, it will be possible to deposit the token on the BitMart exchange. But that’s not all: from July 19, it will be possible to exchange DeFi Coin (DEFC) for Tether (USDT).

This brings the project a step closer to its goal. DeFi Coin aims to promote the acceptance and popularity of DeFi projects. After listing on Pancakeswap, the price of the DEFC more than doubled, and it is now hoped that this token will gain in popularity.

The DeFi coin (DEFC) traded against Tether (USDT) for the first time
With the listing on BitMart, it will be possible to trade the token against the third largest crypto-currency in terms of market capitalization. Initially, existing DeFi coins can be deposited and held on BitMart, while from July 18 it will be possible to exchange them with Tether (USDT). This marks another important listing for DeFi Coin, which plans to be present on the top 10 exchanges in the future.

DeFi Coin – the new DeFi ecosystem
DeFi Coin’s development is progressing at lightning speed. A few weeks ago, it was only possible to obtain the coin through the medium (OTC), but it is now possible to obtain DEFC through various exchanges. These include Pancakeswap,, and soon BitMart. In addition to listings, the DeFi Coin team is also working to expand its own ecosystem and network.

For example, decentralized exchange will soon be available on the DeFi Coin website. They are also already working on the app, which will then become the hub of the exchange. In the meantime, they hope to attract enough attention to make their decentralized visions a reality.

Buy DeFi Coin (DEFC): is it worth investing?
DeFi Coin is described as the DeFi token of the future. So an early investment could be worthwhile. The coin has gained a lot of popularity and value in recent weeks. Listing on BitMart and trading via the exchange is therefore an important step in the right direction.


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