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Open interest (OI) for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has seen a dramatic 47% fall since its recent halving, a move accompanied by a significant drop in its price. This scenario contrasts... Read more +
IntroductionThe Ethereum blockchain is about to introduce a major innovation that could transform the way... Read more +
The launch of MarginFi 's MRGN token was marked by token controversy and massive expenditure... Read more +
El Salvador has announced that its new Hilton, Hampton by Hilton, could be purchased by... Read more +


Avec l'évolution constante du monde de la cryptomonnaie, de nouvelles technologies et stratégies émergent, offrant... Read more +
Introduction to EOSEOS presents itself as a third-generation blockchain platform, designed to overcome the limitations... Read more +
Introduction to Shiba InuOrigin and creation of the Shiba InuShiba Inu, often abbreviated SHIB, is... Read more +
In the ever-evolving world of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, the non-fungible token (NFT) market has emerged as a revolutionary sector, attracting the attention of collectors, artists and investors worldwide. Among... Read more +

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In this video in partnership with Bitget, discover the technical analysis of ETHEREUM from September 19, 2023. The analysis is provided by Orian Messai, Technical Analyst at Bitget, cryptocurrency trader... Read more +

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