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CoinMarketCap, the reference for cryptocurrency prices

All about CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is one of the best-known platforms in the cryptosphere. The site lets you consult the real-time price of the various cryptocurrencies on the market. CoinMarketCap also provides other essential information on each token, such as trading volume or market cap. For the world’s most popular cryptos, CoinMarketCap provides other interesting data such as the history of each crypto, their main characteristics, how to mine them or where to buy tokens.

Origins of CoinMarketCap

The site was launched in May 2013 by entrepreneur Brandon Chez. Three years later, the platform launched its first public Application Programming Interface (API). In April 2020, the platform was acquired by Binance Capital Mgmt, one of the most recognized companies in the cryptocurrency world.

CoinMarketCap’s goals

CoinMarketCap describes its role in these terms:

“(CoinMarketCap’s mission) is to make crypto more accessible and effective to the general public by providing unbiased, qualitative and accurate information so they can draw their own conclusions.”

With reliable and relevant data, the site is today one of the leaders in the field.

CoinMarketCap’s key features


Cryptocurrencies referencing

CoinMarketCap aims to inform users about cryptocurrencies. The site currently counts 9,990 cryptocurrencies and 381 exchange platforms. Not bad, eh? Assets are ranked according to their capitalization on the crypto market. Bitcoin (BTC) is unsurprisingly at the top, followed by Ethereum (ETH) and Binance Coin (BNB).

Your CoinMarketCap portfolio

You can create a portfolio directly on the site. This will enable you to track your token exchanges or the evolution of the virtual currencies you own. In addition to this tool, you have access to a wealth of information on crypto news and important events to take into account for your investments.

Unique features

The site lets you earn tokens for free via its CoinMarketCap Earn tool. All you have to do is watch videos and take quizzes on how cryptocurrencies work. It’s a great way to combine business with pleasure!

CoinMarketCap’s platforms

CoinMarketCap offers its services on its website, but also has an application enabling you to access your account and crypto prices wherever you are.

The website

The site is very comprehensive. It’s also accessible to the widest possible audience, since it’s available in several languages, including French. You’ll find numerous sections, including :
  • Cryptocurrencies, with their rankings, charts and other data.
  • Exchange platforms, also featuring various rankings and tips for buying cryptos.
  • NFT (Non-Fungible Token), detailing the classification of these tokens.
  • Portfolio, where you can manage your portfolio of crypto assets.
  • Watchlist, where you can fill in the cryptocurrencies you’re most interested in via your account.
  • Calendar, with all current crypto projects and their deadlines updated in real time. Products, listing all CoinMarketCap services, including a converter, a mobile application and job ads.
  • Learn, a section dedicated to the vocabulary associated with crypto-currencies and, more broadly, how they work.

The app

application coinmarketcap

CoinMarketCap has an app to make it easier for its members to access its services. The first version of this tool was released in May 2018 on iOS. The app arrived on Google Play for Android users in April 2019.

Why and how do I create a CoinMarketCap account?


Why create an account at CoinMarketCap?

Good question! Is it really necessary to register on the platform? In reality, you can access a lot of information without having an account. However, by creating an account on CoinMarketCap, you’ll be able to unlock a huge number of features. What’s more, registration is free.

How do I create a CoinMarketCap account?

Registering on the platform is very easy. You can do so via the website or the application:

Create a site account

Simply click on the blue button in the top right-hand corner of the screen, as shown in the photo below. You’ll then need to enter your e-mail address and a password. Once e-mail verification has been completed, your account is activated.

inscription site coinmarketcap

Create an account on the app

The process remains much the same on the application. Once you’ve downloaded the platform, you press the three grays at the bottom right of your screen (see photo below). Once you’ve clicked on “create an account”, you’ll need to enter your e-mail address and a password, not forgetting e-mail verification.

créer compte application coinmarketcap


How-to guide: track your crypto wallet

Have you invested in various currencies such as XRP, EOS, or even more obscure tokens? CoinMarketCap lets you keep track of your crypto portfolio with ease. Add your currencies and tokens to your portfolio on the app and check overall performance at a glance. It’s the perfect tool for serious investors and curious amateurs alike.
  • How to add currencies to your portfolio?
  • Go to the “Portfolio” section in the app.
  • Click “Add currencies”.
  • Search and select the coins and tokens you own.
  • Confirm to see all your coins in one place.

Keep track of the latest prices: price alerts

If you’re investing in the world of cryptocurrencies, staying up-to-date with the latest prices is crucial. CoinMarketCap offers a price alerts feature that allows you to track over 16,000 markets in real time. Set up your alerts for specific currencies like XRP, EOS, or Litecoin and receive notifications directly on your mobile app. It’s like having a stock market advisor in your pocket!
  • How to set up price alerts
  • Open CoinMarketCap app.
  • Look for the crypto currency of your choice.
  • lick on the bell icon to set up your alert.
  • Choose the cryptocurrency price threshold for which you wish to be alerted.

Stay up-to-date with crypto market news

The world of cryptocurrencies is constantly evolving. From ICOs (Initial Coin Offering) to new crypto projects, there’s always something new. CoinMarketCap helps you stay up to date with the latest market news. Never miss an important update!
  • How do I keep up with the news?
  • Go to the “News” section on the website or in the app.
  • Here you’ll find articles, analysis and updates on the cryptocurrency market.
  • You can even set up notifications for specific news items.

How to choose between CoinMarketCap and its competitors?

In today’s saturated crypto market, choosing the right platform to track cryptocurrency prices can be confusing. CoinMarketCap stands out for its total market capitalization and real-time data. But if you’re a fan of altcoins like Cardano or Litecoin, platforms like CoinGecko might be more to your taste. Compare the features, and choose the one that suits you best.

Comparison criteria :

  • Market capitalization and volumes
  • Real-time data
  • Number of cryptocurrencies
  • Additional features like ICOs

Our review of CoinMarketCap

CoinMarketCap is truly the benchmark for crypto rankings. More than just data, the site offers effective, reliable tools. Features are comprehensive and even innovative compared to other sites of the same type. Even if there are several competitors, such as CoinGecko, Blockchain wallet or even Coinsflare, CoinMarketCap remains unmissable and particularly effective. We recommend that you register with the platform and visit it regularly.

CoinMarketCap’s advantages and disadvantages

Here is a summary of the site’s strengths and weaknesses, which cover the essential aspects of this article:


  • Reliable and relevant information
  • App available on iOS and Android
  • User-friendly
  • Create an account and earn tokens for free
  • Lists a large number of platforms and cryptocurrencies
Overall, the site has proved its worth to investors since its inception.


  • The free offer does not give access to many features.
  • The fact that the company is owned by Binance does not guarantee the best possible transparency regarding the classification of the latter’s token.
  • Some investors feel that the site can sometimes lack precision.


How to use CoinMarketCap to track cryptocurrency prices in real time?

To track crypto prices in real time on CoinMarketCap, simply visit their website or app. You can search specifically for a crypto to see its current price, capitalization, and detailed graphs. Data is updated continuously, offering an accurate overview of the market.

What is capitalization and how is it calculated for cryptos on CoinMarketCap?

The market capitalization of cryptos on CoinMarketCap is calculated by multiplying a crypto’s current price by its total number of tokens in circulation. This measure provides a snapshot of the relative size of cryptocurrencies in relation to their total market, allowing investors to better understand a crypto’s weight in the blockchain world.

Can we use CoinMarketCap’s API to access cryptocurrency prices in real time?

Yes, CoinMarketCap offers an API that allows developers to integrate crypto price data, capitalizations, and other important information directly into their own applications or websites. This provides users with an efficient method of accessing real-time data from other platforms.

How is the cryptocurrency price chart presented on CoinMarketCap?

On CoinMarketCap, cryptocurrency price charts show price trends over different time periods: daily, weekly, monthly, etc. Users can analyze market trends, see peaks and troughs, and perform technical analysis to make more informed investment decisions.

What are the advantages of using CoinMarketCap if you invest in cryptos?

If you’re investing in cryptos, using CoinMarketCap has several advantages, such as access to reliable, up-to-date data on prices, capitalization, and trading volume. You can also track the performance of your crypto portfolio and discover new investment opportunities by analyzing cryptocurrencies according to their market performance.

Is it possible to find information about crypto exchanges on CoinMarketCap?

Yes, CoinMarketCap provides detailed information on the various cryptocurrency trading platforms (exchanges), including their trading volume, available trading pairs, fees, and more. This helps users choose the best platform for their crypto transactions.

What impact has Binance’s takeover of CoinMarketCap had on CoinMarketCap reviews?

Since the acquisition of CoinMarketCap by Binance, some users have expressed concerns about Binance’s possible influence on the data displayed. However, CoinMarketCap strives to maintain its integrity and reputation as the benchmark for data on the crypto world, providing accurate and unbiased information on the cryptos on the market.

Is it possible to compare cryptocurrencies on CoinMarketCap?

Yes, CoinMarketCap allows you to compare multiple cryptos against each other based on price, capitalization and ranking, transaction volume, and other key indicators. This enables users to make comparative analyses to better understand the relative strengths and weaknesses of different cryptos on the market.