Nordic Blockchain Conference (NBC) on September 6 & 7

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The 5th edition of the Nordic Blockchain Conference (NBC) is the largest blockchain and web3 conference in the Nordic region, taking place in Copenhagen on September 6 + 7, 2023.

The Nordic region is known for its trusted taste, commitment to sustainability, innovation, and technology. The NBC, now in its 5th year, is here to carry on that legacy by offering a 5-star atmosphere comprised of the greatest Nordic leaders and founders, web3 investors, researchers, and innovative web3 companies from the Nordic region and beyond.

The conference is designed to facilitate beneficial networking, unique learning, and equal opportunities for all delegates. Over the course of two days, delegates will have access to inspiring and informative talks from highly respected voices in the blockchain industry. In addition, the conference will feature an NFT art gallery, a business district, and designated lounges — all designed to support an interactive purpose where networking becomes the forefront of success.

Copenhagen, the host city of the Nordic Blockchain Conference 2023, embodies the Nordic spirit of innovation, collaboration, and technology, and is a beautiful city with great infrastructure enabling us to gather and focus on the future of today.

The conference is organized by the Nordic Blockchain Association, the largest professional web3 network in the Nordics. Attending NBC is a chance to collaborate and connect with the leading forces from a constantly growing network in an international Nordic region.


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