Memecoins in freefall with GameStop: Roaring Kitty makes a comeback

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The world of memecoins has been turned upside down by an unexpected event: the drastic fall of some of them, including GME, in parallel with a drop in GameStop’s share price. This event coincided with the return to streaming of Roaring Kitty, aka Keith Gill, an emblematic figure in the GameStop saga of 2021. This return attracted a massive audience, highlighting the close links between memecoin volatility and events around GameStop.

The fall of the Memecoins

The impact of Roaring Kitty

In its first livestream for several years, Roaring Kitty attracted an impressive audience, which had an immediate effect on GameStop-linked memecoins. Cryptocurrencies such as GME, KITTY and ROAR saw their value plummet by as much as 31% during this live broadcast. This sudden drop highlighted the sensitivity of these digital assets to the movements and statements of influential figures in the online investment community.

GameStop and its repercussions

At the same time, GameStop shares also suffered, recording a significant decline. This correlation between the performance of the GameStop share and that of its associated memecoins demonstrates the interconnection between the cryptocurrency market and that of traditional equities. The increased volatility of these assets raises questions about the stability and predictability of memecoin investments.

Investor reaction

Market sentiment

Investor reaction was swift to follow. Many investors, attracted by the hype surrounding Roaring Kitty and memecoins, expressed concern about the long-term viability of these digital assets. Online forums and social networks were flooded with discussions on the implications of these market moves, with a particular focus on how influencers can manipulate prices.

Lessons learned

For many investors, this event was a stark reminder of the risks inherent in speculative investments. The dependence of memecoins on the popularity and activity of certain public figures underlines the need for more careful evaluation and diversification of investment portfolios to mitigate risk.

Outlook for the future

Control and safety

With increasing volatility and incidents of this kind, there is growing pressure for greater regulation of cryptocurrency markets. Regulators could step in to implement measures to protect investors and stabilize markets. This includes transparency requirements for influencers who could have a significant impact on asset prices.

Innovation and adoption

Despite the current challenges, memecoins continue to attract interest due to their potential for innovation and adoption in a variety of sectors. Companies and developers are exploring new applications for these cryptocurrencies, seeking to integrate them into broader digital ecosystems. This exploration could pave the way for more practical and stable uses of memecoins in the future.


The recent fall in memecoins coupled with GameStop’s performance and Roaring Kitty’s comeback underscores the volatile and unpredictable nature of these digital assets. As investors navigate this rapidly changing landscape, it’s crucial to remain informed and cautious, diversifying investment strategies and monitoring regulatory developments.


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