NFT Breakthrough: Do you know the world of Thugz?

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Welcome to this unique universe created by the Thugz Life team that we present to you today on Coinaute!

To begin with, you should know that the Thugz are not happy-go-lucky people. Their values encourage them to take a stand in favor of the poorest and they don’t mind bending the law when it comes to supporting and helping their community. Their specialty? Shitcoins trafficking!

The Thugz : Tupac’s offspring?

The Thugz are virtual characters conceptualized as NFTs who live in a futuristic world. Their creators were inspired by the famous rapper Tupac Shakur. The American rapper died at the age of 25, leaving his mark on history, considered by some as a legend.

During his brief life, he has always defended those who are victims of discrimination by getting involved in many associations. A true militant as much through his music as in his personal life.

In 1993, with some close friends like his brother Mopreme, he created a “life code” named T.H.U.G.L.I.F.E, a shortcut for “The Hate U Give Little Infant Fucks Everybody“.

This movement reminds us of the importance of brotherhood and sharing and shocks the conscience for the sake of the children.

The Thugz that we present to you today were born from these kind ideas towards humanity. Paradoxically, the characters are no joke, because the Thugz universe is both futuristic and libertarian. Gangsters have taken over the streets and nothing can stop them.

What incredible story is attached to the Thugz world?

It’s 2032, 10 years later, crypto-currencies have become a major part of modern society. How is this possible? The identity of the famous Satoshi Nakamoto has been discovered.

What was not the surprise to discover that the man who was hiding behind this mysterious character was none other than Snoop Dogg!

Yes, you read it right, we are talking about Snoop Dogg, an extremely famous rapper for his music but also his love of excessive lifestyle. The world opens then towards a much more anarchic way of life. To begin with, cannabis is sold freely, because what would Snoop Dogg be without a good spliff? This government decision to legalize the sale of CBD and to open up crypto exchanges will create an unexpected bonus effect in the world of Thugz!

What is a Thugz?

Now that the stage is set, let’s introduce you to the artwork that ties into the story. The Thugz come from the Thugz Life team, eager to offer a P2P project to the crypto community. Behind the NFTs that were conceptualized by the team, a whole story of humanity and healthy values to be transmitted.

On the contrary, a Thugz shows rather a hard, even violent image, because life in 2032 is not so simple. Faced with the legalization of cannabis, street gangsters had no choice but to find a new business. And guess what kind of business they chose? The crypto one, man…

The famous shitcoins, which in 2021 were of little interest, have become real gold mines in 2032, and Thugz, owners of the neighborhoods, are using all kinds of subterfuges to outdo their rivals.

How were born the Thugz?

The Thugz were born from the will of the Thugz Life team to pay tribute to Tupac sharing symbolic NFTs to spread values of mutual aid, respect and altruism.

That’s why the team’s designer designed 911 NFTs that are different. Why 911? A tribute to Americans because it is the emergency number to report a crime in the United States11 NFTs will display a rarity index at the “mythical” level, each one being linked to a famous personality from the world of cinema, rap or music such as RamboThe Joker or Tupac himself.

Each Thugz has been drawn without a graphic tablet, imposing an additional rigor to the designer and dozens of hours of work to create stylized thugz in “cartoon” style and equipped with unique attributes to mark his personal touch.

Discover Thugz Life

Want your Thugz too? Here’s how to get it

Don’t miss the mint date! The Thugz will not wait for you! So make a note of March 3, 2022 in your calendar, if you were lucky enough to win a Whitelisted registration ticket, the mint will be open to you.

If you’re new to the Thugz Life universe, then March 7 is the date for you! Get ready to welcome a Thugz into your home (be careful and stash your bitcoins just in case).

The NFT Thugz mint will take place on the Solana blockchain using the SOL crypto. So plan to have a reserve fund to participate in the event. The price of the mint will be 0.911 SOL.

The next step will be to install which will allow you to create your Phantom wallet. Keep your login details and transfer your SOL to your Phantom wallet.

You are now ready to participate in the mint and buy your unique Thugz! You will then just have to go to the website.

Why launch such a crypto event?

The final words come from the Thugz Life team in person:

Our greatest wish would be to be able to absorb even a small part of the violence of the everyday world, to channel it and transform it into positive waves through our Thugz philosophy. Above all, we would like to create a caring community that everyone can count on.


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