FUD vs. Shiba Inu Coin | Beware of the trap on SHIB!

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Success is always followed by confusion – the real test for all the major cryptocurrencies. And it will now be a test for Shiba Token, which is also correcting itself violently (but partially predictably) by virtue of unfounded rumours also spread by the major newspapers.

Such was the case with the mysterious error on Coinmarketcap regarding the total amount of $SHIBs in circulation, which had led rumours to assume a shady operation on behalf of the protocol’s operators. Then Business Insider joined the fray and, in an unfortunate and ill-informed move, reignited another major controversy.

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The great Coinmarketcap mystery: what’s going on between the site and $SHIB

The first great mystery, even if partially resolved, concerns the dispute between Coinmarketcap and $SHIB, the former having communicated fundamentally erroneous data regarding the total supply of tokens in circulation.

This issue, at least on paper, should put an end to the matter, which will be a distant memory once Coinmarketcap’s developers have resolved this embarrassing bug.

Business Insider gets involved… with a few fallacies

The other issue that held the stage yesterday, as the desire to fix $SHIB became more and more apparent, was the attack launched by Business Insider, which put back on the table the distribution of $SHIB tokens in the first wallets by quantity held.

It’s a frankly embarrassing situation, as it may be legitimate to warn its readers, but not by using lies and making inferences that don’t match reality.

Meanwhile, trading fever continues unabated.

Crypto.com, which is focusing on $SHIB to attract new customers, is offering new members the chance to win 10 Shiboshi, the protocol’s popular NFTs, which are highly valuable on the secondary market.

Coinbase, on the other hand, has decided that it will soon remove a zero from its platforms – and has no intention of backing down. In other words, even the exchanges continue to blindly believe in the future of this protocol, even in the face of an obvious but healthy correction.


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