BRICS currency launch: a new global economic era

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The BRICS common currency project is making great strides. This initiative, aimed at reducing dependence on the US dollar, could transform global economic exchanges. The launch is scheduled for 2027, according to an Indian representative of the BRICS alliance.

BRICS currency objectives

Reduce dependence on the US dollar

One of the main aims of the new currency is to reduce dependence on the US dollar. At present, the dollar dominates international trade. However, the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) are seeking to emancipate themselves from this hegemony.

  • Emerging economies: The BRICS represent some of the world’s fastest-growing economies.
  • Economic stability: a common currency could offer greater stability in the face of dollar fluctuations.

Strengthening economic cooperation between members

The creation of this currency also aims to strengthen economic cooperation between member countries. By facilitating trade without using the dollar, the BRICS hope to stimulate intra-bloc trade.

  • Simplified trade: The new currency will enable smoother transactions between members.
  • Cost savings: Substantial savings are expected, for example, India could save up to $50 billion a year.

A response to economic sanctions

Economic sanctions imposed on certain BRICS countries have accentuated the need to diversify international payment options. This common currency is seen as a strategic response to external economic pressures.

  • Financial autonomy: Reduce the impact of sanctions by avoiding the dollar-dominated financial system.
  • Strategic collaboration: stronger partnerships between members for greater economic resilience.

Challenges and prospects

Implementation challenges

Establishing a common currency is not without its challenges. The BRICS will have to overcome several obstacles if they are to succeed in this ambitious project.

  • Economic harmonization: The economies of the BRICS countries are at different stages of development, which complicates the creation of a common monetary policy.
  • Mutual trust: Close collaboration is needed to ensure stability and confidence in the new currency.

Outlook for the future

Despite the challenges, the outlook for the BRICS currency is promising. If successful, it could have a significant impact on the global economy.

  • New economic players: The BRICS could attract other countries to join their initiative, thereby increasing their global influence.
  • Financial innovation: The BRICS currency could also stimulate innovation in digital payments and cryptocurrencies.


The BRICS common currency project represents a potential turning point in the global economy. With a launch scheduled for 2027, this initiative could redefine international economic relations by reducing dependence on the dollar and strengthening cooperation between emerging economies.


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