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DeFi Coin recently announced the launch of a Telegram channel dedicated to members of its community. This news is part of the DEFC team’s vision to enable investors to participate in major cryptocurrency development projects. In doing so, the DeFi Coin team is all about the community – and shortly after the announcement, the coin rose by more than 45% to USD 0.784.

DeFi Coin: The team and the community will work together in the future

Aside from staking, Telegram chat will be a much more direct way for investors to influence DeFiCoin projects. Unlike other major DeFi projects, chat participants will be able to significantly influence the development of DEFC. The DeFi Coins team attaches great importance to its community and now hopes to be able to reach even more users through Telegram chat.

Whether you have already invested in DEFC, are interested in the project or are still considering buying DeFi Coin, you can join the DeFi Coin Telegram group now. It’s important to note that the main purpose of this group is to share information about DeFi Coin and its future decentralised exchange.

DeFi Coin offers a Telegram chat to discuss the DEFC

This initiative aims to bring members of the DEFC community closer to the project’s founders. DeFiCoin is working hard to launch its DeFi Swap, a decentralised exchange designed primarily for decentralised financial tokens. Through this new communication channel, members can contribute their own ideas and discuss ideas to help develop and improve DEX DeFiCoinSwap.

Members have the opportunity to express their views on the underlying protocol and the objectives they have set themselves. This new communication formula responds to the need to engage participants in cryptocurrencies rather than simply being investors.

The DeFi coin

DeFi Coin is a new cryptocurrency that aims to facilitate the exchange of DeFi tokens with a decentralised broker. The platform also enables investors to generate income through their own decentralised exchange via liquidity pools. DeFi Coin aims to become one of the protocols contributing to the liberation of decentralised finance.

Its own decentralised exchange is currently still in the beta phase and will soon be launched on the test network. The launch on the main network is scheduled for later this year. As a result, investors and experts are expecting the value of DeFi Coin to soar. At present, DeFi Coin can still be purchased via the world’s fourth largest exchange, Bitmart, or via Pancakeswap.

Buy the DeFi coin: Price increase of more than 45%.

As expected, the price of DeFi Coin has risen by 45%, but the cryptocurrency is still below the psychological level of one dollar. DEFC is currently trading at $0.784. However, after 45 days, the value of the cryptocurrency on the market was over $3 USD. Due to a lack of volume and quotes on Coinmarketcap, DeFi Coin has yet to break its resistance.

Looking ahead, the project’s valuation remains fairly high. With the launch of its own decentralised exchange, the price of DeFi Coin should skyrocket fairly quickly. Those who do not yet own a DeFi Coin can currently buy DEFC through Bitmart. An early entry may still prove attractive today and promise high returns in the long term.


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